In today’s working culture, only offering your employees a basic salary will not encourage loyalty, hardwork and a ‘give all I can’ attitude. The old model of a salary in exchange for 40 hours of work a week is out. Companies, and in particular Human Resources teams, are looking at more creative ways of increasing company retention rates as well as making the company somewhere that people want to come and work for. And that is the key – remembering that your staff are people and people want to feel appreciated, they want to feel like the company cares and they want to feel like they are sufficiently rewarded for their work. If your company can create this culture you are on to a winner.

Keep your Employees Happy and Engaged

To help you create this positive culture and keeping your employees happy we have put together some inexpensive and easy to implement ideas to get you started. Remember, it doesn’t cost anything to say ‘Job well done’ and it doesn’t need to cost much to make your office a place people want to be in.

Lighting and Decoration

Dull offices with peeling or scuffed paint does not make the office feel welcoming. By adding additional lighting around the office, particularly if there are no windows, can make the office feel more cozy and welcoming. Also add a touch of colour to the walls can really lift the mood. It could be a team effort and great team bonding. You never know, you may have a Picasso in the team that could paint a mural on the wall.


Break Space

While space may be limited in the office, is there any way you can squeeze in a few comfy chairs for your employees to escape to for lunch? Or how about getting a foosball table with a cover and some tables that can be used as a table to have lunch. Then when there is some downtime or if you have an office party, the cover can be removed and the Foosball table can be used. How about a company Foosball tournament?


Pets in the Office

Research has shown that pets have a calming effect in the office. Why not have a bring your pet to work day if having them there all the time is inconvenient? Animals have shown to reduce stress and getting to know your colleagues extended furry family will usually help to build better relationships amongst the team.


Any excuse for a celebration

Remembering employees birthdays and celebrating big occasions like work anniversaries, engagements, pregnancies and new arrivals will always mean a lot to your employees. Bring in a cake, a bottle of champagne or decorate the employees desk with some balloons. It doesn’t take much but the thoughtfulness will go a long way.


Pick a theme and role with it

Coming up to Christmas? How about a Christmas Jumper theme day? Having theme days in the office lighten the mood and give employees a change to have fun and connect more with their colleagues. Giving a prize for best dressed (it doesn’t have to be much – just a token) brings in a competitive edge and can boost engagement.


Be flexible and notice the little things

There may have been a few large projects on recently which meant late nights and early mornings. Apart from saying thank you, why not suggest a later start time on Monday or an earlier finishing time on Friday? If your team are working late, you can order a takeaway and let them expense the taxi journey home. They may not be getting paid for this overtime so you don’t want them to start resenting it.


We all love a discount

The retail outlets, gyms, cafes and restaurants around your office may be able to offer your staff a discount. All you have to do is ask if there is a corporate rate available and if so, this perk will always be well received.


Holidays! Celebrate!

As per our employment contract we are all entitled to a certain amount of leave days a year. It is important that you encourage your staff to take these.  Apart from burn out, stress and ill health, having your staff working everyday can actually reduce their productivity rate. Taking some time off is good for both mental and physical wellbeing and the rest may improve their work output on their return.


Keeping goals SMART

Make sure that both you and your employee set out achievable goals. No one likes to fail and, if the employee did fail to meet the goal, what could you have done to support it further? Realistic expectations is key!


Just ask

Finding out what motivates your staff may actually be easier than you think – you just have to ask! Find out what they want from their job and why and then you can see how you can implement it and make it work for both partied.

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  1. Small initiatives with big impacts… I plan to execute few of these in 2018. Thank you for this wonderful write up!!!

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