10 Differences between Manager and Leader

There are many traits that a good manager and a good leader should have. But the difference between the manager and the leader is the difference that can make you inspire people and get them behind you as opposed to them just doing what they are told.

10 Differences between Manager and Leader

Tells v. Sells

A manager tells you what they want you to do and how they want you to do it. A leader will let you know that s/he has a great idea and thinks you would be great for it.

Plans the details v. Sets the direction

The manager will send out a memo to everyone and sets a time for everyone to meet. A leader let’s everyone get together to let them know about some exciting news everyone would want to hear.

Minimizes risks v. Takes risks

The manager thinks that time is money and the sooner I get this done, the better. A leader believes that this might stretch us, but the payoff will make it worthwhile.

Instructs employees v. Encourages people

The manager will follow processes and protocols to answer questions you may have. The leader is open to other options and other ways that a task can be done better.

Has objectives v. Has visions

The manager will stick to the plan so that tasks get done as soon as possible. The leader will consider your opinions and see how they can be worked into the operation.

Meets expectations v. Charts new growth

The manager will be looking to meet all the quarterly objectives. The leader will see goals as the starting point and does not see a limitation to what can be achieved.

Eyes the bottom line v. Eyes the horizon

The manager is aiming to get everything done and under budget. The leader aims to get everything done, under budget and is working on the next phase.

Sees a problem v. Sees an opportunity

The manager will see that the plan didn’t work and will need to get it fixed before it is noticed. The leader sees the plan didn’t come together and will bring everyone together to work together and see what can be learnt from the opportunity.

Thinks short term v. Thinks long term

The manager will see current budgets. The leader will look beyond the cost today and explore what this investment can mean later on down the road.

Approves v. Motivates

The manager will say that you did the job well and on time. The leader says that they have never had to worry about you doing your job and you do it well.

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