One of the most common cause of business failure can be related to inadequate financing. Correct invoicing, keeping up with expenses, submitting taxes and doing payroll can be challenging. These can seem like time consuming tasks and can easily be confused or done incorrectly. Having a reliable and easy to manage finance system can streamline and manage all your business’ finances while you focus on business development. The role of finance and bookkeeping apps is to streamline all your finance tasks so that you can ensure that your business succeeds. Finance and accounting apps support consultants, freelancers, startups, small business and even medium sized companies. A user friendly software will mean that you can keep up with all your finance tasks gives you the power to create online invoices, capture expenses, track your times on a job, and keep a tab on your cash flow and expenses.

A comprehensive software is organized in the cloud and the features include:

      1. Track miles
      2. Track income and expenses
      3. Maximise tax deductions
      4. Invoice and accept payments
      5. Run reports
      6. Send estimates
      7. Track sales and sales tax
      8. Manage bills
      9. Multi-user access
      10. Track time
      11. Track inventory

Create and manage budgets

Finance Management