How to Keep your Employees Happy and Productive

Keeping your employees happy needs to be at the forefront of any business’ core objectives. It is human nature that we give more when we feel appreciated and enjoy what we do. We spend a lot of time at work and we often define ourselves by our work. Asking someone “What do you do for a living?” hen you meet for the first time is an accept and polite conversation piece and it is from this that we can form connections with people. That we can relate to people. That we can form an opinion of someone. Our work is not just about the money we receive for our time at the end of the month; although that does play a large role. Our work is how we identify ourselves and how other people identify with us.

Employers therefore need to be aware of how important it is to ensure that their employees are happy and productive.

When asked why employees stay with their companies the responses given included enjoyment in work, healthy work/life balance, feeling connected to the organization and feeling like their making a difference. Below we look at these responses in a bit more detail.

Employees Happy and Productive

Employee Satisfaction

Carrying out an anonymous and voluntary employee satisfaction survey can provide you with some interesting information on how your employees enjoy their work within your organization. In this survey you will want to invite employees to discuss both what they like and do not like about the work that they do relating to their specific role as well as their enjoyment within the organisation. It is important to pay attention to the results and act on the ones that you can whilst also acknowledging the ones you cannot do anything about right now, for example increased salaries and benefits. There are always options that cost nothing such as a more relaxed dress code such as dress down Friday.

Productive Atmosphere

Do not underestimate the power of green plants. Workers who work near green plants and windows report significantly higher job, boss and co-worker satisfaction and general happiness than those that don’t. Use real sunlight when you can and if there is no access to natural sunlight use more lighting options and include overhead fluorescent lights.

Hold Regular Reviews

Even if a salary increase or bonus comes only once a year, supervisor and managers should carry out performance reviews at least every few months. Be sure to praise the staff that are doing well. Hearing that you are doing good work will motivate your best employees and keep them happy.

Perks Matter

While perks are important they tend to be less motivating to employees than in-job challenges and feeling of being a valuable part of a quality team that will recognize their contribution. A manager needs to realize that although perks are great they are not always a substitute for prime sources of professional inspiration.

When employees feel that they are an essential part of a dynamic team, they are more productive and willing to go the extra mile for their co-workers, managers and customers. Therefore, give praise openly , set suitable goals and always take your employee’s needs seriously. By respecting and listening to your staff,  you’ll be giving them the motivational push they need to stay loyal and committed to the company’s goals.

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