No matter what business you are in, if you employee even one member of staff you will need some form of a human resources management system (HRMS) for people management. Whether you have a HR department or not a management system will be needed to manage data, manage people and manage projects.

A good human resources systems should have multiple integrated systems. It should be easy to navigate, have separate admin and user profiles and integrate different systems to ensure ease of use. The systems include the following:

      1. Payroll Management
      2. Payroll Reports
      3. Recruitment Management
      4. Performance Appraisal
      5. Timesheet Management
      6. Employee/ User self management
      7. Personnel Administration
      8. Leave Management
      9. Document Management
      10. Management of GIRO Files
      11. Impactful HR administration programs management

A comprehensive human resources integrated profile can make your HR and employee management more efficient for ease of business admin. A complete HR software will automate HR policies and processes. Your HR system is optomised by tracking various key HR metrics and you can keep track of all employee activities and streamlines the entire HR management system. By automating the entire HR system you can conveniently manages appraisals, payroll, payslips, timesheets, and more thereby increases the efficiency of core HR system. Our software will allow for timely and complete performance appraisals that makes your HR system effective. The HR management software empowers employees by providing them with apps that makes the HR management system personalized and user-friendly

HR Management System