Preparing for a Job Interview - Questions

The interview is a two way conversation. The interviewer is getting the information s/he needs to decide if the interviewee is a good fit for the role, the team and the company but the interviewee is also trying to ascertain whether the role is what s/he is looking for and whether it is a team and company he wants to work for.

Preparing for a Job Interview

When an invitation to an interview is sent out preparation is required from both the interviewer and interviewee. The questions asked can cover many topics. Some of these can be around the usual suspects such as previous experience, education and expectations. However, there is usually going to be questions not directly related to your past but about the present, looking deeper into you as a person and what you can bring to the company. The interviewer is considering what questions can be asked to get to know the interviewee as a person, how s/he would manage in certain situations and what additional skillset s/he has that will benefit the organization as whole over another candidate. The interviewee needs to consider his/her responses to the generally expected questions but also have in mind that there may be some curve balls in there also. Similarly the interviewee is more than within his/her own rights to equally ask the interviewer more questions about the role, the team and the company - so interviewers should also be prepared.

When preparing for an interview consider your answers before  the interview and remember that the interviewer wants to hire you. You have been shortlisted as your resume has shown good potential and they have a role that needs to be filled. Recruitment can be a very time consuming process. The interview is your window to shine and show the interviewer that you are the best fit so be prepared. Below we list some frequently asked questions. Take some time and consider how your response to each one:

- Why are you looking for a new job?
- What is your greatest weakness?
- What is your greatest strength?
- Why do you want to work for this company?
- Why are you looking to leave/why have you left your last employer?
- What did you dislike about your last position?
- What did you like about your last position?
- What do you know about this company?
- What is your salary expectation?
- Why are you interested in this position?
- Why should we hire you for this position?
- Describe a challenging situation you experienced in work and how did you manage it?
- What do you look for in a boss/supervisor?
- How do you handle criticism/feedback?
- What were your main responsibilities in your last position?
- Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
- Tell me more about yourself.

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