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  • Lead Management

    Keep track of opportunities and leads in one centralized location with timelines, current status, action items and task assignment

  • Timesheets

    Centralised timesheets with multi-user access to easily manage billable on-site hours linked to employee calendars.

  • Reminders

    Linked to your calendar and project management, these reminders for individual and teams will help to keep all tasks are up-to-date

  • Tasks

    Make projects and other job requirements manageable through tasks with task designation, timeframes and specific requirement.

  • Deadlines

    Linked with tasks and calendars to ensure deadlines are met and works are completed within designated timeframes with escalation email alerts.

  • Scheduling

    Manage employee on-sites, schedule and manage meetings and other tasks/events.

  • Calendars

    Individual and team calendars which allow visibility of team calendars for scheduling, timesheet management and task deadlines.


  • Quotations

    Easily manage standard quotations for clients with service/product templates and rates as well as generate customized quotations with reference to previous quotations provided; inclusion of goods and services taxes optional.

  • Invoicing

    Generate customer invoices based on information gathered from quotations, purchase orders and time-sheets.

  • Timesheets

    Centralised timesheets with multi-user access to easily manage billable on-site hours linked to employee calendars.

  • Payroll Management

    Monthly payroll management system intuitively created to manage non-standard payments; bonuses, overtime, incomplete month payment, expenses reimbursement, no pay leave etc.

  • Expense Management

    Allow employees to easily manage expenses and submit to payroll for reimbursement whilst also linking to projects to manage and maintain an overview of general budgets.

  • Purchase Orders

    Generate purchase orders for services required from clients including service requirements.Manage purchase received orders from customers linked to projects

  • Credit Notes

    Receipt generation for customers which can be offset against future purchases.

  • Procurement

    Manage the procurement process with purchase order management, approval process and supplier qualification management.

  • Budgets

    Set and manage team, project and task budgets that link to procurement and employee expenses to avoid over-spending.

  • Forecasting

    Identify and analyse trends through past, present and projected financial conditions to estimate future financial outcomes for a company or project

  • Remittance

    Manage payments sent outside the organisation

  • Bill Management

    Track billing and customer invoices for both services and products as well as automated notifications for overdue payments.


  • Recruitment Management

    Through the recruitment process from development of job descriptions to creating candidate profiles, schedule interviews through to on-boarding.

  • Payroll Management

    Manage employee's financial records which includes the salaries, wages, one-off payments, reimbursements, bonuses, deductions, CPF payments and net pay.

  • Leave Management

    Manage and customize the leave approval and scheduling process with flexibility for fixed and variable leaves by employee, designation, management structure

  • Training

    Track individual and team training schedules as well as keeping compulsory training and continuous professional development up-to-date, centralize on-boarding training and other training materials

  • Probation Management

    Manage the employee through the on-boarding and probation period with customized and company specific induction, goal setting and training program.

  • Corporate Structure

    Develop organization charts to clearly identify management structures within your company.

  • KPI Management

    Manage individual and company key performance indicators by setting and allocating the KPIs to individual and projects with task/goal breakdown and indicated time frames which are subsequently linked to calendar.

  • Travel

    Manage all aspects of work related travel from planning, creating scope of work, budget management, itinerary, approved hotels and scheduling.


  • Stock Control

    Inventory management supports the process of maintaining stock to ensure client demand is met without delay with data analytics to forecast recommended stock levels.

  • Delivery Dockets

    Generate product delivery notes for clients with full fulfillment and logistics tracing.

  • SKU Management

    Manage each inventory item and analyze the cost of carrying this item to your business to ensure it is meeting the financial objectives of the business.

  • Returns

    Manage inventory returns including reimbursements whilst also incorporating both stock control and SKU management.

  • Stock on Hand

    Manage goods and products currently available for purchase.

  • Fulfilment

    Manage the fulfillment process from client order, product retrieval, packaging to tracked shipment.

KPO Cloud

  • Cloud Storage

    Store all kinds of documents in a cheap, reliable cloud storage

  • Cloud Services

    All kinds of cloud hosting services for your hosted application need, low cost and reliable.

  • Secure Data Vault

    Store data, passwords, keys in KPO Cloud which stores as encrypted and secured.

KPO Analytics

  • Internal Business Analytics

    Analysis of data for internal business development and progress.

  • Forecasting

    Plan and manage your business by using forecasting reports based on historical data.

  • Report Generation

    Generate various types of reports for your business need and schedule them to your email periodically.

  • Client Analytics

    Do client analysis on KPO client analytics reports using client historical data of business interests.

  • Employee Analytics

    Analyse employee strengths, weaknesses and interests using the historical data while doing various activities.