The Qualities of a Good Team

A strong team of people who will work together can only be beneficial to a business. When staff are in sync and communicate effectively there are so many benefits. Promoting teamwork is the only way to create a happy and productive workplace.

The Qualities of a Good Team


The benefits of teamwork include the following:

1. Greater efficiency

2. More trust

3. Creative collaboration

4. Less stress

5. Better performance

6. Better service

A good team has some essential components to ensure that challenges and goals set in front of them are achieved in an efficient and organized manner. The phrase ‘there is no I in team’ is a true one. Good communication, mutual cooperation, strong management and clarity and awareness are some of the key elements that make up a good team and we are going to look at each of them now in further detail.

Good communication

Team members must be willing to share their thoughts and ideas without fear of comeback from others. They also listen effectively, support and trust one another. They deal with difficulties openly, honestly and constructively.

Mutual cooperation

Each individual’s strengths and weaknesses are pooled and put to use by the team. Team members work together to generate innovative ideas and solutions.

Strong management

The whole team should trust and feel supported by their leader. Regular meetings/reviews are held to assess goals, performance and needs to be worked on.

Clarity and awareness

Every member of the team is aware of their role and the roles of others. The objectives and all processes are clearly mapped out and agreed upon mutually.

It is important to remember that teams are made up of different individuals with different skills, abilities and work styles. Keeping the cohesiveness of the team is very important and can be achieved when really considered and worked on.

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